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Mega Family Rift Before Pushpa Release?

Mega Family Rift Before Pushpa Release?

Megastar Chiranjeevi once advised the Tollywood community to address issues privately rather than publicly. However, some family members seem to be disregarding this advice.

Recently, Allu Arjun openly supported his friend in the election purely out of friendship. This friend belongs to the YSRCP, leading to a rift within the Mega family.

Despite the tension, Allu Arjun has remained silent on the matter and even posted a congratulatory tweet after the election.

Just when it seemed that things might settle, Sai Dharam Tej reignited the controversy by unfollowing Allu Arjun and his wife, Sneha Reddy, on Instagram. This action has deepened the divide within the Mega family.

According to Chiranjeevi's earlier advice, Sai Dharam Tej should have communicated privately with Allu Arjun instead of taking such public action. The media has now focused on this story, speculating on its impact.

With the release of Pushpa 2 approaching, there is concern that Mega family fans might split into factions, leading to a potential tweet war between “pro-Pushpa” and “anti-Pushpa” supporters.


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