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Mass Vs Class Week At Box Office Today

Mass Vs Class Week At Box Office Today

Two films are releasing today with equal attention. Both the films are neither too big nor too small. They are of equal size by all means but there is a genre difference.

One is targeted for the mass audience and the other for the class audience. Another resemblance between the two is that both are made as period backdrop films.

They are Bimbisara and Sita Ramam.

While Bimbisara was made by NTR Arts by Kalyan Ram in the direction of Mallidi Vasist, Sita Rama was made by Ashwini Dutt in the direction of Hanu Raghavapudi.

Both the films have a known starcast. While Bimbisara has Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa and Samyukta Menon; Sita Ramam has Dulquar Salman, Rashmika and Mrinal Thakur.

Both the films run on war backdrops- one is ancient and the mother modern. Both the films had good promotion- one with Jr NTR and the other with Prabhas.

The buzz is equally good for both the films and we have to see which films fairs at the box office in comparison.


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