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Manjummel Boys Trailer: Nail-biting Survival Thriller

Manjummel Boys Trailer: Nail-biting Survival Thriller

Director Chidambaram's survival thriller Manjummel Boys is the biggest in the Malayalam industry and also it is one of the highest-grossing Indian movies, this year.

Much to the delight of the Telugu audience who have been waiting eagerly to watch the movie in Telugu, the Pan India production house Mythri Movie Makers obtained the rights to release it in Telugu states.

The makers unveiled the film’s theatrical trailer which discloses the plotline of the movie which is based on real incidents which happened in 2006.

A batch of friends go on a vacation to Kodaikanal. A perilous adventure takes a terrifying turn when they find themselves trapped in an unwarranted situation.

One of the friends falls into a deep pit in the Guna cave which is also called as Devil’s Kitchen. The rest of the story is about the efforts to save him.

While the initial portions establish the companionship between the friends, the narrative takes a different path when they are trapped in the cave.

Director Chidambaram balanced two different emotions impeccably. All the lead actors have done well to make the story-telling look faithful.

Cinematographer Shyju Khalid and music director Sushin Shyam worked in tandem, as the visuals and sound were in synch to set a cheerful tempo in the first half and a tense atmosphere in the latter half.

The production design is excellent. The trailer has exceeded the expectations for the movie in Telugu.

The dubbing work was also neatly done, kudos to Mythri Movie Makers. We need to wait till April 6th to watch this nail-biting survival thriller on screen.


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