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Manchu Manoj fined by Hyderabad traffic cops

Manchu Manoj fined by Hyderabad traffic cops

Actor Manchu Manoj, who was caught by the traffic police at Tolichowki, Hyderabad, was fined for violation of tinted glass norms.

Hyderabad traffic police, who had already warned the commuters regarding tinted glass norms, stopped Manchu Manoj's car at the Tolichowk centre, after which they levied a fine of Rs 700 against the 'Bindaas' actor.

The police had also removed the tinted glass on the spot, while Manchu Manoj was still in the driving seat. The actor seems to have accepted his mistake and hence had even posed for a picture, which was later released to the press.

The Supreme Court has banned the use of tinted glass. It states that a vehicle's window must be fully transparent. But, some celebrities have been using the tint for the sake of their privacy, which is still a violation of traffic rules.

The Department of Hyderabad Traffic Police has issued a stern warning to those who go against the rules.


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