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Mahesh Babu's Film May Suffer Due To 'Bro'!

Mahesh Babu's Film May Suffer Due To 'Bro'!

'Bro' has unfortunately become a cause for concern and controversy, putting Trivikram Srinivas in the spotlight.

Once respected as a talented writer, Trivikram is now facing political backlash and scrutiny.

YCP leaders and fans are expressing their displeasure towards him, and Minister Ambati Rambabu has issued a warning, suggesting that Trivikram will have to face the consequences directly.

With elections still a year away, Trivikram's upcoming movie 'Guntur Kaaram,' set to release in January 2024, is also under scrutiny.

Having Mahesh Babu in the film 'Guntur Kaaram' should ideally keep it free from political overtones, as his movies usually steer clear of such themes. However, other concerns are emerging.

Some groups are approaching the government, seeking additional benefit shows and ticket prices for the movie. The question arises whether this demand will be accepted, considering it's Trivikram's film.

If 'Guntur Karam' receives unanimous positive feedback, things may remain manageable. However, if there is a mixed response, YCP supporters might resort to trolling Trivikram.

Strong rumors already suggest Trivikram's involvement in Pawan's speeches and ideology.

With the release of the movie 'Bro,' these rumors have gained momentum, creating challenges for Trivikram, the movie producers, and the lead actors involved.


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