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Mahesh Babu Endorsed Brand In Huge Losses

Mahesh Babu Endorsed Brand In Huge Losses

Film heroes can endorse any brand but they need to be extra careful while working for real estate firms.

No one knows when those firms land in losses and shut down their companies.

As they pay crores of rupees to these heroes, they tend to endorse each and every brand. But what if they collapse?

Believing in a director friend, Mahesh Babu endorsed a gated community venture by earning a huge paycheck in Vijayawada.

The hoardings and videos were released in a big way featuring Mahesh Babu.

Now all the investors are lamenting for investing in that project believing in Mahesh Babu's endorsement.

The Project was stopped midway. The Investors are not getting their money back. Mahesh Babu himself is a businessman.

He might have observed the ins and outs of this real estate business before endorsing them.

Subsequently Mahesh Babu made his money by working in the Ads. But his fans and investors are dumped in losses.


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