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Kartikeya's Flops Prove Ajay Bhupathi's Talent

Kartikeya's Flops Prove Ajay Bhupathi's Talent

Getting success or fame is tough, and retaining it is even tougher. Many stars had seen success with their first or second films but soon vanished out of the screen due to bad choices or overconfidence. Similarly, Kartikeya who shot to fame last year is now standing at the crossroads.

Four movies starring Kartikeya were released this year – ‘Hippi’, ‘Guna 369’, ‘Gang Leader’ and the latest ‘90ML’ and all of them had witnessed the same result.

While he can boast that he had four releases in a single year, these movies also exposed his real talent or lack of it. The films have proven that it was director Ajay Bhupathi’s brain that made ‘RX100’ a smash hit. 

Even as Ajay Bhupathi is struggling to take his second film to the sets, he has a reason to rejoice that he has delivered a flop yet unlike Kartikeya.

With four flops in a single year, Kartikeya indirectly proved that all the credit for ‘RX100’ goes to its director. 


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