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Karthikeya: 'I Was Afraid To Act With Lavanya Tripathi'

Karthikeya: 'I Was Afraid To Act With Lavanya Tripathi'

Karthikeya, in an exclusive interview to greatandhra has shared his insights on the upcoming film "Chaavu Kaburu Challaga".

Here are a few highlights. 

When asked if he is really keen in selecting the out of the box roles, he said, "I feel like picking up new characters and characterizations. Be it RX100 or 90ML or Chavu Kaburu Challaga, when something sounds different it inspires me to do. All that matters is excitement to me. Even the audience tend to consider an actor who does different types of roles with varied looks and getup"

Saying about the title of Chaavu Kaburu Challaga, he shared, "I felt that the title itself is a strong point. It is a head turning stuff. We need to do something different to be in audience's minds. Kaushik narrated the story with its title. It was exciting". 

On a lighter note , answering to a question about his real time love failures, "I have some small love stories in personal life but not to the degree of RX100. There are no heart breaking love failures in my life". 

Confessing about his interest in doing villain roles, he said, "I love to do villain roles as well when they have some gravity like in Gang Leader. I am also doing one in Ajith's film as well. I take inspiration from Vijay Sethupati in Master and Sudeep in Eega".

Karthikeya has also expressed his excitement coated with fear when he was about to pair up with Lavanya Tripathi. 

In his words, "Lavanya Tripathi is senior to me. I was excited and fearful while acting with her initially. I was afraid to act with her at first. After seeing her jovial on the sets I didn't face any problem". 

There are many more interesting things surrounding Chaavu Kaburu Challaga that Karthikeya has expressed.

Watch full details in the video.


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