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Karthikeya: Ajith Sir's Fans Started Following Me

Karthikeya: Ajith Sir's Fans Started Following Me

Karthikeya, the actor who shot to fame with the debut film RX100 has done many films so far and the last film of him was Chaavu Kaburu Challaga.

Now he is coming up with Raja Vikramarka this week and shared some insights in a chitchat with  

Answering a question regarding the script selection, Karthikeya said, "We never do intentional mistake with script selection. Like any other hero I too had the plans of extending the market with every new film and looked at the script that way. That was a career building model. But now I opted path of making each film at a time with complete focus on it. Keeping the result oriented approach and the predictions on the success of the film aside, I am in the track of putting in the best with sincerity".

When asked if Raja Vikramarka can make the impact on par with RX100, he said, "I don't know whether the impact will be same as that of RX 100. That was a different genre all together. That was a cult film. This Raja Vikramarka is a different genre film and will stand up as a special film in my career".

Saying about his physique and workouts- "I thought of showing myself different. I consider that a screen hero shouldn't look normal. I always looked up to stardom. I wanted to be special and so I focused on physique. Post RX100 I feel responsible to maintain it to meet the expectations. While in Lockdown, I worked more in gym. that's the impact on my body which is seen in this Raja Vikramarka. I work one hour a day on an average and always strict with my diet than exercises" shared Karthikeya.

Karthikeya shared many other interesting things about the film Raja Vikramarka and his career on a whole including his Tamil debut as an antagonist.

"Ajith sir's fans started following me ever since it was announced that I am doing a film with him in Tamil. I can imagine how the impact will be after the release. I am excited" Karthikeya said.

There are many entertaining and interesting hook points in the full interview. 


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