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Kanabadutaledu Trailer: Racy & Intriguing

Kanabadutaledu Trailer: Racy & Intriguing

Sunil's crime thriller movie Kanabadutaledu is all set for theatrical release on 13th of this month.

Meanwhile, the film's theatrical trailer has been unveiled.

The plot revealing trailer looks racy and intriguing as every character appears mischievous.

It's a triangular love story and the guy whom the girl in love with goes missing and everyone looks suspicious.

Sunil is a detective who is assigned to resolve the case. Interestingly, those who are dealing the case are also missing.

The trailer ends on a funny note. Sukranth Veerella and Vaishaliraj are the other lead cast in the film written and directed by Balaraju M.

The film is produced by Spark and Sreepada Production.


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