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Kalki's Bhairava Anthem: Passes But Not With Distinction

Kalki's Bhairava Anthem: Passes But Not With Distinction

The Bhairava anthem song from Kalki 2898 AD has been released. This is the first single from the film, coming out after the trailer.

The song starts with "Oka nene naaku chuttu nene/ okataina ontaronni kaane," depicting the protagonist describing himself and his qualities.

Though the movie is titled to be futuristic, the lyrics do not reflect this, sounding outdated and predictable with lines like "swarthamu nene / paramaarthamu nene," etc.

While there is a sense in the lyrics they do not offer novel expressions. There are no memorable or hook lines to mention.

However, the Punjabi lyrics that appear in between attempt to bring some novelty but end up sounding familiar due to their resemblance to 'Animal' vibes. 

The music and rendition are impressive and manage to engage listeners.

Overall, it does not perfectly match the expectations set for this film. Simply put, it lacks an instant fresh punch, sounding routine with no surprises and no hook factor.

It can be said that the song passes the test of fans but not with distinction.

Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Kamal Haasan, Disha Patani and Amitabh Bachchan are the key actors in the film, which is set to release on June 27. Santhosh Narayan scored the music while Diljit sang it.

The film is directed by Nag Ashwin and produced by Vyjayanthi Movies.


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