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Jathi Ratnalu Vibes In Om Bheem Bush

Jathi Ratnalu Vibes In Om Bheem Bush

The theatrical trailer of Om Bheem Bush starring Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna was released yesterday to a hilarious response.

Many found Jathi Ratnalu kind of vibes in this Sree Harsha Konuganti directorial venture produced by V Celluloid for various reasons.

Like in Jathi Ratnalu, Om Bheem Bush is also the story of three mindless friends. Moreover, both the movies are hilarious entertainers with no logics.

There are comparisons between these two movies on social media and netizens are excited to watch Jathi Ratnalu kind of entertainer after a long time.

Like the much impact Jathi Ratnalu trailer created, Om Bheem Bush also garnered enough inquisitiveness with its trailer.

The trailer indeed assured Om Bheem Bush will be thoroughly entertaining, with some other unexpected elements in the story, such as paranormal activities, treasure hunt, etc.

The movie is coming at the right time, as exams will be completed for students, and holidays will begin.

So, if Om Bheem Bush receives a positive response after its theatrical release, there will be no stopping for it to become a first hit in the summer season.


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