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It wasn't for Nayanthara: Malavika on her 'lady superstar' comment

It wasn't for Nayanthara: Malavika on her 'lady superstar' comment

Actor Malavika Mohanan has been in the news recently due to her comments about the term "superstar" being applied to actors regardless of gender.

As part of her promotion for her upcoming Malayalam film "Christy," Malavika stated that the term "superstar" should be gender-neutral. This sparked a backlash from fans of Nayanthara, who is often referred to as the "Lady Superstar."

In a promotional video, Malavika expressed her opinion on the "superstar" tag, saying, "I don't like the term. Actors can be called superstars, but I don't understand what is meant by 'lady superstar.' The term 'superstar' is enough."

Nayanthara's fans took to social media to express their anger at Malavika's comment, leading her to clarify on Twitter that she was not referring to Nayanthara specifically and has great respect for her.

Malavika wrote, "My comment was about a term that is used to describe female actors, not about any specific actor. I really respect and admire Nayanthara and, as a senior, I really look up to her incredible journey. Can people please calm down, especially the tabloid journalists."

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Malavika has been at the center of a controversy regarding Nayanthara. 

Not long ago, Nayanthara responded to Malavika’s criticism about the appearance of one of her characters from the Telugu film, Simhaa. As part of a promotional interview with TV host Dhivyadarshini during the release of her last film, Nayanthara reacted to criticism from actor Malavika Mohanan from an older interview.

Nayanthara responded to this particular statement from Malavika in a clip. She said, “In this interview of another heroine. She didn’t mention my name but she was talking about me. She said she saw me in a hospital scene from a movie and I looked prim and proper. She’s asked how someone can look so pretty in a hospital scene. I don’t say one has to look prim and proper in a hospital but that doesn't mean you have to look shabby, no?” she said. Nayanthara pointed out that the particular scene was from a commercial film.


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