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Is Vennela Kishore Indian Mr. Bean?

Is Vennela Kishore Indian Mr. Bean?

Vennela Kishore, one of the finest comedy actors in Telugu cinema is turning made lead for his next film, Chaari 111. As the film is releasing on March 1st, the promotions are in full swing. 

The director of the film, TG Keerthi Kumar, Vennela Kishore and the leading lady Samyuktha Viswanathan sat down for a candid chitchat and revealed interesting tidbits about the film.

The director referred to Vennela Kishore as Indian Mr. Bean and the actor immediately replied "No sir(laughs). My favorite thing to do is play the hero's friend. That is where I'm comfortable. But it was really fun playing Chaari in this spy action comedy film."

Kishore said Chaari 111 is in a space that he hadn't even attempted in the past. Director Keerthi said no one else but Kishore could have played the role with such wittiness and comedy timing. 

The leading lady, Samyuktha said she is a ballet dancer and that helped her with the action sequences in the film as she had the natural bodily flow to express herself in these sequences. She trained in martial arts and a bit of gymnastics for the film.

The three of them praised the support of the producer Aditi Soni for a happy and smooth production period. The interview has a fun vibe and it holds the attention. 

Towards the end, Keerthi revealed there is scop for spy action comedy universe with Chaari 111 and he confirmed that even if other heroes join the universe, Chaari aka Vennela Kishore will be a constant feature. 

Chaari 111 is produced by Aditi Soni under Barkat Studios banner and the film is headed for release on the 1st of March.


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