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Ileana Sacrifices Her 'Pants' Happily

Ileana Sacrifices Her 'Pants' Happily

There are two meanings to the word 'pants'. As a noun it stands for trousers. But as a verb it means 'breathing with short and quick breaths'.

Well, initially it appeared that Ileana might be using a pun here. Sane minds thought that she must be saying that one has to take deep breaths and enjoy life to the fullest but shouldn't be confined to short doings.

But with the picture she posted she implied that she is actually speaking about trousers with no pun intended.

Posting a gray scale picture wearing an inner garment, Ileana D'Cruz declared, “I am all about the no pants life.”

That's indeed a great feast for her fans in general. Ileana is not much happening on the big screen but she is fully engaged with her fans on social media by posting the luscious pictures from time to time.

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