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How Sundeep Vanga Conquering Bollywood?

How Sundeep Vanga Conquering Bollywood?

The most significant development in the Indian film industry in 2023 is Sandeep Reddy Vanga's film "Animal."

Strikingly, the movie has been dominating the box office not necessarily due to its inherent merit but because of the buzz generated by criticism.

The continuous debates and discussions surrounding the film are pulling audiences to theaters, and the film's repeat value is evident in its intense sequences marked by unprecedented intensity.

Within just 10 days, the film has grossed Rs 717 Crores at the global box office, presenting a staggering scenario for the entire Indian film industry.

The film's momentum shows no signs of decline over time. Whether it's a working day or a holiday, collections remain consistent in almost all languages.

Another surprising aspect is the film being screened 24x7 in certain North Indian circuits without interruptions.

Starting in the morning and continuing until evening, additional shows are added at night and midnight, running until the wee hours of the next day.

Responding to the demands of the young audience, theater owners are witnessing prosperous business.

This achievement appears to be a significant milestone, surpassing any major film released in India thus far.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga seems to have made a considerable impact on the audience's minds, possibly even surpassing Rajamouli in attracting attention at the box office.

Trade circles anticipate that the film will soon enter the 1000 Cr club within the next week, surpassing "Pathaan."

The final figure after the full run remains to be seen.


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