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HIT Trailer: Very Intriguing and Truly Impressive

HIT Trailer: Very Intriguing and Truly Impressive

Nani's latest production HIT has grabbed attention with it's promos. Theatrical trailer is even impressive with an intriguing setup that is very atmospheric and different from the usual films. 

HIT is about a Homicide Intervention Team that deals with serial crimes happening against young women. Vishwak Sen looks intense as the HIT officer in this crime thriller directed by Sailesh Kolanu. 

Nani's maiden production Awe was a psychological thriller and HIT also looks to be a thriller targeted at A centers and overseas audience.

The film also has a romance track with Ruhani Sharma playing the female lead, but it's main focus is on serial crimes and the investigation of Homicide Intervention Department. 

HIT has hit the bull's eye with its promos and we have to see if the movie has enough in it to live up to it's promise.

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