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HiNanna: 'Odiyamma Heatu' - An Instant Hitu!

HiNanna: 'Odiyamma Heatu' - An Instant Hitu!

Steering away from his signature heart-wrenching tunes, Nani unleashes the newly minted 'Odiyamma,' a song that's set to steal hearts instantly.

Immerse yourself in a world of hip-hop moves, international dancers, and a perfectly synchronized ensemble of 50 dancers, all grooving to the infectious beats and a killer hook step.

This high-energy anthem takes you on a thrilling journey against the scenic backdrop of the beach. The dynamic choreography by Bosco, featuring top heroine Shruti Haasan in chic black attire and Nani sporting a t-shirt paired with a grey shirt, serves up a visual feast. At the same time, their dance moves and the vibe all fell in the right place. 

And here's the cherry on top: the vocals are not just any vocals but the debut Telugu performance of Dhruv Vikram, adding an extra layer of excitement. Accompanying him in this musical extravaganza is the talented actress Shruti Hassan, who also lends her voice to the song.

With lyrics exuding pure fun and an irresistible beat, 'Odiyamma' is poised to scale the charts, marking Nani's transformation into the new 'Party Star.'

Directed by the promising newcomer Shouryuv and backed by the production house Wyra Creations, with music crafted by Hesham Abdul Wahab, #HiNanna is set to entertain in cinemas from December 7th.


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