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Harish's Double Game in Politics

Harish's Double Game in Politics

Director Harish Shankar is not in politics. But he hobnobs with politicians. Due to his family's background', he has always been a man with right-wing ideology.

He never hid his admiration for Prime Minister Modi. He also turned into a celebratory mood when UP CM Yogi Adityanath won. He is fanboy of Bharatiya Janata Party.

As BJP young MP Tejaswi Surya landed in Hyderabad to attend their party’s national executive meeting, he went to meet and greet him.

He doesn’t need to meet the BJP MP when he came for his party’s meeting but Harish Shankar likes to bond with the BJP big wigs.

At the same time, he maintains good relations with TRS. His classmate Kranthi is TRS MLA and through him, he has developed friendships with KTR.

But his overt inclination toward BJP will not go with TRS bosses. Let’s how long will this director continue his double game.


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