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Harish Shankar Trolled for His 'Publicity' Hungama

Harish Shankar Trolled for His 'Publicity' Hungama

Earlier this month, Pawan Kalyan spent a week filming "Ustaad Bhagat Singh." Director Harish Shankar had been waiting for more than two and a half years to begin work on the film.

During the filming, they completed some key scenes involving Pawan Kalyan and Sreeleela in a specially created police station in Hyderabad.

However, the filming process only lasted for 8 days, after which Pawan Kalyan moved on to another project called "OG."

The "Ustaad Bhagat Singh" team has now announced that they have begun the editing work and released a photograph.

Soon after, social media was buzzing with the news that Harish Shankar is planning to release a video sneak peek on May 11th to generate even more buzz around the film, similar to "Pushpa 2."

However, some netizens are mocking Harish Shankar for seeking publicity with these gimmicks rather than focusing on his work.

They question the need for hype to begin editing work, which is a routine process, especially for an 8-day work.

There is no word on when Pawan Kalyan will join the next schedule of "Ustaad Bhagat Singh," but Harish Shankar is acting as if the film will be released in a couple of months.


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