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Hansika: I Didn't Cause Hubby's Divorce

Hansika: I Didn't Cause Hubby's Divorce

Recently married Hansika Motwani is promoting her acting career again with the new web series "Love Shaadi Drama," which is currently streaming.

The series follows Hansika a few days before her extravagant wedding to Sohael Kathuriya.

In the pilot episode, Hansika denies any responsibility for Sohael Khaturiya's previous split from Rinky and claims that this is the price she has to pay for her celebrity status.

In December of last year, Hansika and Sohael got married, but the actress faced criticism after it was revealed that Sohael was previously married to Rinky, who was Hansika's best friend.

Hansika has denied any involvement in her husband's divorce from Rinky.


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