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Gopichand Files Complaint Against Krack Producer

Gopichand Files Complaint Against Krack Producer

The cracks in the working relationship between ‘Krack’ director Gopichand Malineni and producer Tagore Madhu are wide open. 

The latest tussle is about payment closure. Ravi Teja starrer “Krack” became a huge hit. It was a genuine commercial success this year. Despite the film’s success, the financial issues have not yet been resolved.

Director Gopichand Malineni has filed a complaint against producer Madhu in the producer’s council for pending dues.

Malineni in his complaint wrote that the producer is refusing to clear the balance amount in his remuneration. With no option, he sought the intervention of the council.

Apparently, Gopichand still needs to get about Rs 30 to 50 lakhs from the producer as per the agreed remuneration.

Tagore Madhu has a different version. He says Malineni has shot the film crossing all budget limits.

Initially, Gopichand Malineni had agreed to complete the film within Rs 15 Crore budget, but it shot up to Rs 25 crore. Since Malineni didn’t honor the budget limitations, Madhu is not paying him the balance amount. 

It remains to be seen how the council would settle the issue.


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