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Fate Of 'OG' In Minister Pawan Kalyan's Hands

Fate Of 'OG' In Minister Pawan Kalyan's Hands

The movie OG is being produced by DVV Danayya in the Pawan Klyan - Sujith combination.

This project was arranged by director Trivikram Srinivas in a way that involves less work but higher pay for Pawan, making it relatively easy for him.

Working for just thirty days is enough. A significant portion of the shooting is already completed, and if Pawan Kalyan works for another ten days, the film will be finished.

The film has already generated a good buzz. Pawan's fans are eagerly waiting to see when this movie will be released.

However, due to elections, this film faced delays. The election process, campaigning, winning, and now managing responsibilities as a minister for three or four departments simultaneously have created a whirlwind for Pawan.

In this context, there are questions about when Pawan will complete the OG movie.

Hari Hara Veeramallu also needs to be shot. At least 10 days of Pawan's schedule must be allocated for the OG movie.

The film, which was supposed to be released on September 27, has been postponed.

So, what are the key issues? It appears there are two main obstacles for the OG movie.

The first obstacle is digital sales. There have been no non-theatrical sales for OG yet. If there is a digital sale, they will need to consider the timing and set the theatrical release date accordingly.

The second obstacle is Pawan's appearance. During the election campaign, Pawan traveled extensively in the sun and campaigned relentlessly without eating on time, which caused some changes in his appearance.

If Pawan works out hard for a few days, he will recover his look. Therefore, this needs to be addressed as well.

Due to these two reasons, it is uncertain when OG will be completed and released.


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