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False Propaganda By Samantha's Team

False Propaganda By Samantha's Team

There is a good buzz for Yashoda. The publicity is going on well. The release is also happening amidst some hype and attention.

We have to wait and see how the openings will be for this film but cannot be estimated.

Ever since the producer of the film revealed that the total cost of the film went upto Rs 40 Cr including interests and publicity costs the team of Samantha is going upside down.

The team is in the mood to propagate that the film didn't cost more than Rs 25 Cr and the producer is bagging around Rs 15 Cr.

The actress' team is showing all fake numbers with regard to the satellite rights, Overseas and Hindi rights. But the team should know that the satellite rights were not sold but Hotstar is releasing it.

Hindi rights were also not sold but the UFO banner is releasing it. Tamilnadu is under producer's own release. The film was sold at Rs 9 Cr only in Telugu states. Overseas was sold at Rs 1.5 Cr. But the team is doing false propagation that it was done at Rs 2.5 Cr.

The digital rights were sold at Rs 22 Cr. So, so far the total recovery is not even Rs 33 Cr. But Samantha's team is saying that Rs 50 Cr of business is already done. That way, the team is trying to project that the producer is safe before the release itself. 

But the fact is that the producer is releasing the film at a deficit of Rs 8 Cr. Only if the film gets good talk, then there will be gains. Otherwise 'no'.


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