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Fake Reports On F3 USA Collections?

Fake Reports On F3 USA Collections?

Some reports have come that F3 did a break even at the US Box Office. But the others contradict it saying that it is impossible looking at the overall collection. 

First of all there is no clarity on the buying price of F3 USA rights. The buyer bought Bheemla Nayak, Acharya and F3 all together at 18 Cr. So it is difficult to say the actual price of F3 rights.

If a collection of USD 6 million is done, then the would get back his Rs 18 cr. Bheemla Nayak collected USD 2.4 million and Acharya collected only USD 1 million. In this scenario, there is a burden of 2.5 million USD on F3. 

F3 so far collected USD 1.3 million where as F2 collected around USD 2.1 million. So sources say that under any circumstances, F3 is far from doing a break even.

Acharya blew a heavy blow to this buyer. Had it collected well, he would have made good profits by now.


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