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Exclusive: Sobhan About Puri Jagannath's Case

Exclusive: Sobhan About Puri Jagannath's Case

It is known that Puri Jagannath filed a police case on Warangal Srinu and Sobhan, the distributor and financier of his film 'Liger'.

Responding to the complaint, the financier cum distributor Sobhan approached greatandhra and gave his statement.

He said- "I don't know why Puri Jagannath mentioned my name in the complaint. He stopped answering our calls from the next day of Liger's release. Then how can we intimidate him?

Earlier, I helped Puri Jagannath whenever he was in need. He knows those episodes. Even in the latest audio clip he spoke good about me. I don't understand why he changed his tone and included my name in the complaint all of a sudden.

I have just shared the whatsapp message that is circulating. I didn't intimidate him at all. Film business goes on discreetly. He is making this public. If the cases give a solution, then we have many default checks of many producers with us.

But we only know to run the business peacefully with mutual understanding. I think that my time is bad and so this has happened. I don't want to blame anyone". 

We have to see how Puri Jagannath responds to this.


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