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Exclusive: Megastar Sacrificed Rs 10 Crore?

Exclusive: Megastar Sacrificed Rs 10 Crore?

Megastar Chiranjeevi has faced substantial criticism ever since the release of "Bhola Shankar."

The basis for this criticism stems from the fact that he negotiated a substantial fee of Rs 65 Cr from the producer Anil Sunkara.

To some extent, this allegation holds true. It is reported that Chiranjeevi received a payment of 55 crores for his role in Waltair Veerayya.

Following the movie's considerable success, for "Bhola Shankar," he aimed to secure a fee ranging from Rs 60 Cr to Rs 65 Cr.

However, it appears that upon the movie's release, the producer made an initial payment, followed by several installments, ultimately providing a check for 10 crores.

Allegedly, Anil Sunkara assured that the check would be presented to the bank on the upcoming Monday.

Essentially, this implies that the check was post-dated to align with the fourth day after the film's Friday release. Unfortunately, the fate of the movie became evident during the morning show itself.

Megastar, who continued to monitor the situation until the evening, sympathized with the producer's predicament.

It seems that he decided not to deposit the Rs 10 crore check any longer. Essentially, Megastar willingly accepted a reduced remuneration of Rs 55 crores. This action can be viewed as a positive gesture, providing some relief to the producer.

"Bhola Shankar" turned out to be a significant box office failure. While Waltair Veerayya collected over Rs 30 crores in the Naizam area, "Bhola Shankar" stalled at Rs 7 crores in the same region.


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