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Escaped Many Accidents, During Hanu-Man Making

Escaped Many Accidents, During Hanu-Man Making

Hero Teja Sajja and director Prasanth Varma teamed up for the second time for a superhero film Hanu-Man which is laced with divine and entertaining elements.

Teja in his exclusive interview with disclosed some interesting facts about the movie and some amazing incidents that happened during the making.

The young hero clarified on not going back on the release date.

“The agreements for the Hindi version were done long ago. So, we can’t change the date. When I met the producers of other Sankranthi movies, they suggested changing the release date, saying Hanu-Man is a movie everyone wants to watch it. It would be better if it is released at another time. They said it in a positive way. Since it is highly impossible for us to change the date, we are going ahead with the January 12th release.”

Teja informs that Hanu-Man is not a serious film.

“Hanu-Man is a perfect festival film set in a fictional village called Anjanadri. He gets the superpowers with the blessings of Lord Hanuman. The movie has a very good love story and other entertaining elements. He goes to any extent to protect his village from evil forces. The character is written in a manner that the audience will travel with it all through. Overall, Hanu-Man is a superhero film narrated in a most entertaining way.”

He reveals the movie to have some goosebumps moments.

“There are 2 extraordinary scenes in the first half. The climax part will leave everyone awestruck. We used Sri Ramadhootha Anjaneya Swamy Stotram as a theme for crucial episodes. There are 2-3 surprising elements as well.”

Teja reveals that there was some divine force that drove them while making the movie.

“There were many instances where we felt that some divine force drove us. Due to some reasons, the shoot got stalled and later we realized that it would be horrible had we shot the movie on those days. I indeed escaped many accidents, during the filming stage. For example, we shot a sequence in a forest and a snake was right behind me in the bushes. However, despite all the Hungama we did, it didn’t bite me.”

He also disclosed that they shot the underwater sequence without any dupe or technology.

Teja unveiled that he is currently doing his new film with Karthik Ghattamaneni and he also has films with Mallika Ram of Adbhutham fame and Nandini Reddy.


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