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Eesha Rebha: 'I am Always Hot'

Eesha Rebha: 'I am Always Hot'

Eesha Rebba has her hands full. Her last few releases were Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava, Subrahmanyapuram and Brand Babu.

Her new thriller Ragala 24 Gantallo releases this Friday. She is game to taking up any film that excites her, it doesn’t matter if the director is new or experienced.

Ragala 24 Gantallo is a murder mystery, and the trailer promises a narrative that builds suspense. 

“It’s a suspense thriller with plenty of scope to perform,” says Eesha.

As for the recently released trailer which shows the actress in a glamorous avatar, she unabashedly admits, “Yes, I look glamorous in this film.”

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Even on Instagram, the actress is a big hit with her glamorous pictures in different outfits. “I am always hot,” she says with a smile.

“The story revolves around my character but I strained myself quite a bit. It took a toll on my health; I was travelling and shooting for two films simultaneously and would go to the sets straight from the airport. I had a good time nevertheless; the director was understanding. Music director Raghu Kunche would come to the sets sometimes and give background score then and there to reflect the ambience,” she reveals.

A Telugu girl, Eesha admits to being typecast in stereotyped or traditional roles.

“But I like to wear different clothes, so I post them on Instagram,” she says, adding that for a Telugu girl, there are very few opportunities.

Meanwhile, she has also signed a Kannada film and a Tamil film opposite G.V. Prakash.


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