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Don't Want To Talk About Him: Chay

Don't Want To Talk About Him: Chay

Naga Chaitanya and Venkat Prabhu’s Custody is up for release on 12th of this month and the theatrical trailer got a superb response.

Naga Chaitanya in his exclusive interview with us revealed interesting aspects of the movie. He also disclosed the storyline of the movie.

“Venkat Prabhu’s movies will have a number of layers. There will be a layer unfolding every 15 minutes. My character’s name is Shiva and it travels throughout the movie. A number of characters come and go. He’s a simple constable and is honest. It is the journey of the cop and the criminal. The story happens in 4 days. What kinds of troubles he faces, how he fights the political system, police system and the CBI forms the crux of the story.”

Chay says he had positive vibes when he first heard the story.

“I got excited in the very first sitting. I hugged him affectionately and told them to start the project immediately. I found it a better outcome when I watched the movie on the editing table. I felt the same kind of positive vibes earlier for Manam and Majili.”

Venkat Prabhu suggested the title Shiva for the movie. However, Chay didn’t want to name his movie after the classic hit of his father’s movie.

“I was reluctant about the title Shiva because people will compare both movies. We wanted a common title for both languages. Custody is an apt choice for Telugu and Tamil.”

Chay says Arvind Swami and Sharath Kumar’s characters are very crucial.

“His character makes an entry at the 40th minute and the journey continues till the end. It will have all kinds of emotions between these two characters. Sharath Kumar’s is a powerful character. He is a police commissioner. Krithi Shetty’s character is also very vital. Venkat Prabhu rightly incorporated her scene, whenever there is a seriousness.”

The actor is happy to get the chance to work together with Ilayaraja and Yuvan Shankar Raja.

“Ilayaraja gave 4 tunes at a time in a single sitting. I wanted to see his working style. He’s been such an influence on me. The combination really worked out.”

Naga Chaitanya made an interesting comment about Parasuram.

“It’s better not to talk about him. He wasted my time. It’s a waste of our time if we discuss about him.”

Watch the video for full interview:


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