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'Don't Compare Me With Tarun And Uday Kiran'

'Don't Compare Me With Tarun And Uday Kiran'

Varun Sandesh is one good actor who shot to fame out of the blue with Happy Days way back in 2007 and eventually did some good films like Kotha Bangaru Lokam.

Slowly his career graph got flattened and he was almost forgotten until his recent appearance in the Bigg Boss.

He is still sportive, energetic and ambitious.

When he was questioned about why his career is not much happening these days like that of Uday Kiran and Tarun who shot to fame with first films and slowly faded out, he answered, "I know Uday Kiran very well. I feel sad for whatever happened to him. I also know Tarun. 

But every one has their own individual career. The careers cannot be compared. 

I keep trying whatever be. I always try to grab back whatever is going out of my hands. I signed some scripts after Biggboss. But due to Covid and other reasons those projects didn't materialize. 

After that I went to USA and did an IT course as well. I also thought about getting into some business".

This says that Varun Sandesh is not idle but doing something out of his passion not thinking much about why something is not happening. That's inspiring indeed.

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