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Disgusting: Trisha after vulgar remarks on her

Disgusting: Trisha after vulgar remarks on her

Everyone knows about the controversy between Mansoor Ali Khan and Trisha.

Mansoor slyly responded in front of the media that he did not get the chance to rape Trisha in the movie Leo. Many people like Chiranjeevi have strongly condemned this.

The court itself gave a hard time to Mansoor in this matter. Now, an incident beyond this has come to light.

Suspended AIADMK leader AV Raju made rude comments on Trisha.

"Earlier, Trisha attended a function in Gouvathur. The local MLA fell in love with Trisha. He paid 25 lakhs for a day and spent time with Trisha. I am a witness to that," he declared.

Trisha's fans are very angry about this matter. The issue reached Trisha, and she reacted seriously. She commented that some people would stoop to the lowest point to get attention.

"It's disgusting to repeatedly see low lives and despicable human beings who will stoop down to any level to gain attention," she wrote on X. 

She has made it clear that she will take legal action against him, and her legal team will address anything related to this issue.

Trisha continues to be a star heroine in Kollywood. She has become busier in her second innings and is working in films with heroes like Vijay and Chiranjeevi. In such a time, some people are criticizing her.

Trisha's fans are worried that this is happening because she has no political background and no strong backing.


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