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Director's Desire To Get Clicked Kissing The Actress

Director's Desire To Get Clicked Kissing The Actress

Both Vignesh and Nayantara have been in love for the last four years. They didn't even hide their relationship. But whatever it is, Vighnesh is not marrying Nayan.

There is no concrete announcement from either of them though several gossips have been making rounds. After a long gap Vignesh responded to this.

In a discussion with fans on social media Vighnesh answered in a different way to the question of marriage with Nayantara.

He said one needs a lot of money for wedding celebrations and the marital life , so they are in the process of saving money at present.

Though it sounds funny, netizens are praising Vighnesh stating that there is logic in his statement.

When asked to say a secret about Nayan he said that she cooks ghee rice and chicken curry very well.

Vighnesh has also released a fresh selfie with Nayan on this social media chat.

When asked to release a pic kissing Nayantara, he said that he needs someone else to click the camera as he will be busy kissing her.


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