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Directors Cashing On The Crazy Producers

Directors Cashing On The Crazy Producers

Young producers are growing in number in Tollywood. They started giving advances in competition and planning the projects much in advance.

The trend of paying advances to the directors and keeping them in line is increased. 

Even a one film director with an average success is getting a Rs 10 lakh advance to line up his next.

The producers are playing a  speculation game not knowing which director will come into spotlight scoring a big hit. 

Every director who scored a hit, has at least two or three commitments with these young producers. These directors don't have stories in their hands, but their bank accounts are loaded with advances. 

Mythri Movies has grown up to the present day by giving such advances despite bearing the burden of interests. Looking at this, the remaining producers are also following this trend.

But giving advances to every one will not fetch any result. It should be given to the right director and there the judgement power comes into picture. 

Producers are also getting the dates of heroes only when they have directors with them. So this is the model that is continuing in Tollywood now.

Scoring a hit would make the directors richer with advances.

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