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Dilse Mehboob Evicted From Bigg Boss 4

Dilse Mehboob Evicted From Bigg Boss 4

It was an easy prediction about who is going to be evicted when both Sohel and Mehboob got nominated. Monal would have been in trouble if Akhil also was nominated, but he didn’t.

Akhil supporters voted for Monal and the votes of Sohel and Mehboob were split. As expected, Mehboob was evicted from the show.

Mehboob would have exited many weeks ago if not for Bigg Boss’s tactics to keep him in the house.

Although Mehboob didn’t have much following, he used to make the tasks interesting with his aggressive play. The creative directors of the show helped him to be in the show this long.

Mehboob believed that he will not be evicted this week. He mentioned the same with Sohel. The tiktoker clearly couldn’t analyse the game and assess his situation.

Only eight contestants are there in the house as the competition is getting tougher as the season approaches the finale.

Any of the five remaining contestants can make it to the final week as audiences are yet to stick to one set of players. 

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