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Dil Raju Is Reacting, But Not Responding

Dil Raju Is Reacting, But Not Responding

Ace producer Dil Raju, who serves as both producer and distributor, has responded emotionally with mass warnings, using phrases like "thaata teesta," instead of addressing the question in a composed manner.

The question raised concerns why only four theaters were allocated for the movie 'Hanu-Man,' while all the other theaters in Hyderabad were given to 'Guntur Kaaram' on June 12th, the release date for both films.

Dil Raju mentioned that he didn't trouble the producers of 'Hanu-Man' but only suggested they release their film on January 14th to secure more theaters.

However, the issue arises as to why 'Guntur Kaaram' couldn't be rescheduled to the 14th, considering 'Hanu-Man' had already announced its release date as January 12th almost four months ago, well before the announcement of 'Guntur Kaaram'?

Instead of addressing this question in detail, he reacted by stating that he moved Ravi Teja's 'Eagle' from the Sankranthi race with a lot of effort. He also mentioned that Nagarjuna and Venkatesh's films are also not getting sufficient theaters. He warned with the term "thaata teesta" if any news is written against him.

This response raises concerns about appropriateness. Anyone can issue warnings, and counterwarnings can be given as well. Everyone is capable of doing anything. This ace producer shouldn't create a 'negative' and unpleasant situation in the ecosystem.

If he had simply answered why only four theaters were given to 'Hanu-man,' the issue could have been resolved. Setting that aside, he expressed his hurt feelings for reading news about his pressure on 'Hanu-man' producers to move the film from the Sankranthi race.

He also stated that he is being targeted every Sankranthi. The point is not 'targeting' but writing about the situation created under his influence.

Dil Raju doesn't want to miss the Sankranthi season to make a good fortune, as people would be in the mood to watch any sort of film.

In reality, as a significant figure in the film industry, he should give a chance to small films as well in this season instead of being greedy with selfishness.

Small films find it hard to run in theaters during the off-season and get some breathing room if released for Sankranthi. Evidence of this can be observed through the Sankranthi releases in 2022. Big films would run at any time if they are good.

Dil Raju claims that he is not using his influence on anyone. Then why conduct press meets regarding Sankranthi releases? Producers are capable enough to deal with things mutually.

Since he is involving himself in his capacity, he should feel responsible for answering any sort of news in the public domain.

Ignoring that responsibility and resorting to warnings is not something commendable. It reflects poorly on him and diminishes his image.


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