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Dil Raju Insults Telugu With Carelessness 

Dil Raju Insults Telugu With Carelessness 

Dil Raju came up with his latest film 'Love Today' which was dubbed from Tamil. The only difference that any dubbed film makes is the language.

Shockingly, the titles on the screen got messed up with broken fonts. This happens either due to negligence or when there is no Telugu technician in the team.

Dil Raju, being a top producer, would have made a quality check before releasing it in theatres. Many are now blaming him for his carelessness. 

Telugu audiences who watched this film in India and abroad were shocked to see the insult that happened to the Telugu language.

The film 'Love Today' is Dil Raju's property but not the language. He cannot ignore the language with carelessness. This mistake is not limited to a single frame or a card but all the titles were projected in the same manner.

Similar mistake happened with Sarpattu Paramparai when dubbed into Telugu. That was not only with the titles but the entire Telugu font wherever seen in the film was messed up. 

The technicians and the banner that is releasing the film in Telugu should keep their eyes open and ensure that the Telugu language is going into the public in the way it should.


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