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Corona Effect: Keeravani Old Poem Goes Viral

Corona Effect: Keeravani Old Poem Goes Viral

After the outbreak of coronavirus, people are urging everyone to use the Indian way of Namasthe to wish other people instead of shaking hands.

Don’t shake hands, don’t hug people, greet with Namasthe is the message that everyone is driving.

People are avoiding handshake to avoid contracting the virus and preventing it from spreading. Now, an old video of Keeravani is going viral.

In this video, Keeravani recited a poem about the importance of Namasthe over a handshake. The poem was written by lyricist Chaitanya Prasad and sung by Keeravani.

“Veyyi Rogala Putta Ee Cheyyi Kanuka.. Chalu Chalu Karachalanalu..Dhandamettinavadera Dhanya Jeevi” (The hands are birthplace for thousands of viruses. So don’t greet anyone with a handshake. The great person is one who greets others with Namasthe).

This 2013 old video is now being used by people to stress the point to avoid a handshake. 


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