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Committee Kurrollu teaser: A nostalgic ride

Committee Kurrollu teaser: A nostalgic ride

Niharika Konidela's upcoming film, "Committee Kurrollu," is generating buzz with its captivating storyline and charming promotional campaign.

The film, which recently wrapped up filming, is set to grace screens worldwide this August.

"Committee Kurrollu" is not only captivating audiences but also providing a platform for burgeoning talent.

A talented ensemble cast, including Sandeep Saroj, Yashwant Pendyala, Trinath Verma, Prasad Behara, and others, makes their cinematic debut under the banner of Pink Elephant Pictures.  

The film's recently released teaser offers a nostalgic glimpse into the lives of these young characters.

It evokes cherished memories of childhood friendships, from playing games and enjoying idli meals at a local hotel to celebrating festivals and enjoying carefree moments. 

The visually stunning teaser, captured in exotic locations, concludes with a poignant question:

Will these friends maintain their bond as they transition into adulthood? This question leaves audiences eager to explore the film's narrative arc.

"Committee Kurrollu" promises a unique blend of youthful energy and heartwarming nostalgia, catering to the preferences of contemporary audiences. 

Director Yadu Vamsi's debut venture aims to deliver a fresh and engaging storytelling experience.

The film's dialogue, penned by the dynamic duo of Venkata Subhash Cheerla and Kondal Rao Addagalla, is expected to resonate with viewers.

Producer Niharika Konidela, thrilled with expanding Pink Elephant Pictures' portfolio, considers "Committee Kurrollu" a significant milestone.

This collaboration with Sriradha Damodar Studios marks a pivotal moment for the production company, venturing into the world of feature films.

With its engaging narrative, vibrant cast, and captivating promotional campaign, "Committee Kurrollu" is poised to become a compelling cinematic experience, leaving audiences with cherished memories and a renewed appreciation for the power of friendship.

Movie lovers are waiting eagerly to enjoy the film on a big screen as soon as possible as the youthful teaser increased expectation among all sections of people.


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