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Chiru makes soft appeal to Jagan on film ticket rates

Chiru makes soft appeal to Jagan on film ticket rates

The Telugu film industry was muted in its response to the passage of the bill in the Andhra Pradesh state assembly seeking to take over the online cinema ticketing system in the state and regulate the cinema ticket prices in theatres.

On Thursday, however, megastar Chiranjeevi reacted on Twitter, but rather hesitantly and softly, to the Jagan Mohan Reddy government’s decision. 

He appreciated the decision to introduce online ticketing system for complete transparency, as requested by the Telugu film industry.

“At the same time, industry will be immensely benefitted, if the government takes a decision on the ticket rates, which were reduced in the past,” he said, while tagging the chief minister to his tweet.

Chiranjeevi said it was essential to increase the ticket rates for the survival of the cinema theatres and the livelihood of thousands of people who were surviving on the cinema industry. 

The megastar pointed out that the Goods and Services Tax on various products and services was being collected uniformly in all the states across the country.

“So, it is appropriate that the cinema ticket prices in the theatres in Andhra Pradesh, too, should be in tune with the cinema tickets in other states,” he said.

Requesting the chief minister to have a rethinking on cinema ticket rates, Chiranjeevi said the Telugu film industry would be able to survive only if there was such an encouragement from the governments.

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