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Chiranjeevi Should Take A Cue From The Megastar!

Chiranjeevi Should Take A Cue From The Megastar!

Megastar Chiranjeevi is sixty five years old now. He is still looking to do mass entertainers that require him to do dances and fights.

Acharya will have songs and fights like Khaidi Number 150 and the Megastar will be romancing Kajal, who is thirty years younger than him, yet again.  

Chiranjeevi has lined up Vedhalam remake that is also a commercial potboiler like Khaidi No. 150. When will the veteran stop doing such films and take up characters that suits his age?

Bollywood Megastar Amitabh shifted to character roles before he turned sixty and still ruled Bollywood for many years.

Shifting to character roles has given Amitabh a chance to play versatile characters and make use of his acting skills to the fullest.

Despite being a terrific actor, Chiranjeevi has hardly done justice to his potential during his prime. Now is the time for the Megastar to pick up characters that give him ample scope to perform.

Directors and writers also can come up with better scripts if veterans like Chiru and Balayya start playing supporting roles in films featuring the superstars of this generation.


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