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Chiranjeevi Playing Lord Krishna Between Two Actors

Chiranjeevi Playing Lord Krishna Between Two Actors

We know the famous scene in Mahabharat where Duryodhan and Arjun approach Lord Krishna seeking support for the Kurukshetra war.

Lord plays his role in that scene by giving them the choice. He asks them to choose either 'only himself' or his entire army.

Arjun being a devotee of Krishna chooses him and Duryodhan feels happy for that and grabs the support of Lord Krishna's army. Rest is the story. 

Similar situation is being seen in Telugu Film Industry now. Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu are the opponents in the MAA elections. 

Prakash Raj approached Chiranjeevi first and sought mega support. But now Manchu Vishnu is the son of Mohan Babu, who has become Chiranjeevi's hardcore friend now. 

Both Prakash Raj and Vishnu are expecting Chiranjeevi's support.

If Chiranjeevi has to support Prakash Raj he can say two things- first come first base and seniority as an actor when compared to Vishnu Manchu. 

But if he wishes to support Vishnu, he can simply play the local card. 

Manchu Vishnu has successfully won the support of Superstar Krishna, Rebel Star Krishnam Raju and many other actors and actresses.

Sources say that Vishnu has gathered the support to an extent that he can almost  win the election. But Chiranjeevi's support is very big in the industry and we have to see whom he will bless. 

Manchu Vishnu is going ahead with the promise of a new building for the welfare of MAA members in his election manifesto.

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