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Buzz: NTR Missed Lifetime Golden Opportunity

Buzz: NTR Missed Lifetime Golden Opportunity

Certain opportunities do not come often. They come only once in a lifetime. Not taking advantage of such opportunities would be a huge mistake.

We are discussing NTR, who missed the golden opportunity to perform on the Oscar stage. Performing on that stage is a lifetime achievement for any actor, and it would be chronicled forever in the annals of film history. Rahul Sipligunj and Kalabhairava have benefited from it.

Initially, NTR and Ram Charan were given the opportunity to dance on the stage. However, Raj Kapoor, the producer of the Oscar promotions of RRR, informed the Academy that both actors were uncomfortable recreating the blockbuster song due to a lack of rehearsal time.

However, upon further investigation, it was found that NTR declined the opportunity, not Ram Charan. Sources say that NTR is uncomfortable joining the step with Ram Charan, and he is also upset for not being nominated for the Oscars despite spending a significant amount of time on it. 

A close source stated, "How can he dance when he missed the nomination and someone else got the award? He is like that."

Whatever the truth may be, NTR and Ram Charan missed the great opportunity that comes only once in a lifetime.


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