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Buzz: Nani to Avoid Bragging 'Rights'

Buzz: Nani to Avoid Bragging 'Rights'

Actor Nani recently acquired the satellite rights to the film "Hi Nanna" and also secured distribution rights in a few districts in Andhra Pradesh. Producers arranged this deal as part of his compensation.

Recently, there has been a decline in revenue from OTT rights, Hindi dubbing rights, and satellite rights. As a result, producers are not generating significant profits from film projects.

Despite this trend, heroes are demanding higher remuneration. When Nani sought an amount close to Rs 22 crore for his role in "Hi Nanna," the producers granted him specific privileges, such as satellite rights and distribution rights in certain areas.

However, Nani received a relatively modest sum from satellite rights and select regions. Consequently, his compensation from this film fell well short of his expectations.

In response to this situation, it has been reported that Nani has decided to refrain from acquiring rights for any future projects. Instead, he will insist on receiving the complete agreed-upon sum.


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