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Buzz: Financial Burden On RRR Producer

Buzz: Financial Burden On RRR Producer

The film RRR, which is being made by DVV Danayya in the direction of Rajamouli with NTR and Ram Charan costs around Rs 300 to Rs 400 Cr to make, as per a talk. 

No one knows the actual budget of the project. Whatever be the advances brought and whatever be the amount procured through non theatrical rights, the makers have brought anywhere around Rs 200 Cr from the financiers. 

As per a talk, around Rs 100 Cr out of this Rs 200 Cr was brought from a financier named Venkataram Reddy at an interest rate of less than 2%. Another Rs 100 Cr was brought from Satya Rangiah and Sobhan at a rate of solid 2% interest. 

The making has been delayed due to the two waves of pandemic. As a result of this the burden of interests is very heavy on the producer.

Adding to that, in Bollywood, if the film is not delivered in the committed time, the producer may have to pay the interests to the advances. 

So, the interests on this project to be paid will come around Rs 100 Cr as per an insider. Every thing is heavy for this project- right from making budget to the interests.

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