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Buzz: Big Hero Says Situation Is Tough

Buzz: Big Hero Says Situation Is Tough

The patrons of today's movie industry are the youngsters. The audience of age groups of 16 to 25 stand in the front line. They need the subjects that hook them. They need heavy action and subtle romance with young actors. 

The kind of films that ran in theatres in the recent past say this. These audiences extend their patronage even for the films of senior actors but they want something heavy and stylish like that of Tamil movie 'Vikram' or the Bollywood offering 'Brahmastra'. 

Uunchai is a film with four heroes who are in their 70s. The subject is about their zeal to climb the Himalayan hills at that age.

The target audience of the film are obviously senior citizens who hardly come to theatres. They wait until the film comes to OTTs or TV. 

Uunchai is not the film to be made in 2022 for theatres. But still Amitabh laments with a general statement- "The situation is very tough these days. No one is going to the theatre".

Neena Gupta, the costar in 'Uunchai' also informs that the tickets for their upcoming film 'Uunchai' will cost only ₹150 so that the audience can come watch in theatres. 

The problem here is not the ticket price, but the content and the target audience.


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