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Brahmanandam Character Has 3 Phases: Tharun

Brahmanandam Character Has 3 Phases: Tharun

Director Tharun Bhascker is coming up with a dark comedy Keedaa Cola where he also played one of the key roles. Brahmanandam will be seen in a hilarious role as a wheelchair-bound in the movie.

Brahmanandam says Tharun Bhascker is the main reason for him to do the movie.

“I loved the settled comedy and his short taking in Pelli Choopulu. I saw Jandhyala’s style of comedy and making in Tharun. Everyone on the set treated me like their elder fellow. Even if the actors look serious, their actions generate comedy.”

Tharun Bhascker affirms he had his own doubts about whether Brahmanandam would accept to do the movie.

“After I spoke with Brahmanandam sir, I was extremely intimidated. But we developed a fatherly bond on the set. He went over his comfort zone for the movie. He gave me five variations when we were doing voice testing. There are 3 phases to his character. He surprised us with his voice modulation for the younger version of him. Keedaa is a small creature that survived even nuclear wars and evolved from Jurassic times to date.”

The director also appreciated the efforts put in by the other actors who worked on the movie which is slated for release on November 3rd.


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