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Boyapati Royally Leaves Geetha Camp!

Boyapati Royally Leaves Geetha Camp!

Boyapati Srinu was involved with Geetha Arts' production for several months, hoping to direct a film starring Allu Arjun.

He had reached an agreement with Allu Aravind in this regard. However, due to the delay in the production of Pushpa 2 and Allu Arjun's commitments to other filmmakers, Allu Arjun was unable to work on Boyapati's film.

Additionally, after Boyapati delivered a flop with Skanda, the dynamics changed.

As a result, Allu Aravind planned to produce a film starring Nandamuri Balakrishna under Boyapati Srinu's direction.

But Boyapati, in a strategic move, informed Allu Aravind that he would delegate the decision of selecting producers to Balakrishna.

According to insiders, Boyapati was disappointed with the Geetha Arts camp for using his name to secure Balakrishna’s film and not giving him the opportunity to direct Allu Arjun again. So, he left the decision about the production house to Balakrishna.

Balakrishna chose "Legend" co-producers Gopi and Raam to produce BB4.

Boyapati successfully exited the Geetha Arts camp.


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