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Box Office Report 2024: 2 Super Hits In 1st Quarter

Box Office Report 2024: 2 Super Hits In 1st Quarter

The first quarter of 2024 has concluded. Out of the first three months, Tollywood has seen two super hits and also caused trouble for big heroes with flops. 

Let us delve into the details of hits, flops, and disasters in this quarter.

"Hanu Man" and "Tillu Square" emerged as big hits of this season. Both were from young heroes with no film family background. 

While "Hanu Man" starring Teja Sajja turned the heads of the entire nation and made a fortune at the box office, "Tillu Square"  starring Siddhu Jonnalagadda found success in the regional zone, targeting the youth audience.

The most promising film that was expected to score a blockbuster but ended up as a mere average was "Guntur Kaaram," starring Mahesh Babu.

The biggest disasters during the first quarter were "Eagle" starring Ravi Teja, "Operation Valentine" featuring Varun Tej, "Saindhav" starring Venkesh, and "Bhimaa" with Gopichand. These films, made with huge budgets, toppled miserably at the box office.

Nagarjuna's "Naa Saami Ranga," Vishwak Sen's "Gaami," and Sri Vishnu's "Om Bheem Bush" opened up with some expectations but ended up as averages.

"Ooru Peru Bahiravakona," a horror treat with Sundeep Kishen in the lead role, also turned out to be average, providing some respite to the actor from disasters.

Political films "Yatra 2" and "Vyooham" were a flop and disastrous respectively. "Razakar" also didn't perform as expected.

On a whole the first quarter was concluded and the  second quarter which happens to be the crucial summer season has started with 'The Family Star' which has to declare its fate in a day. We need to see what is in store in this quarter.


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