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Bigg Boss Runner-up Sree Mukhi to Get Rs 1 crore?

Bigg Boss Runner-up Sree Mukhi to Get Rs 1 crore?

Popular television anchor Sree Mukhi was quite confident of bagging the tittle ‘Bigg Boss 3” Telugu version aired on Star Maa channel.

She looked quite dejected when Nagarjuna announced singer Rahul Sipligunj as the winner of Bigg Boss 3. She didn’t hide her disappointment.

While Rahul walked away with the cash price of Rs 50 lakhs, Sree Mukhi was named as the runner-up of the show. The runner-up doesn’t receive any cash prize.

Being one of the most popular anchors in the television world, Sree Mukhi entered into the house of Bigg Boss with the hopes to win the title.

There were rumours doing rounds in the social media that the Bigg Boss team also made such a promise o her. 

For, she was given undue advantage in the show on many occasions. She was the drama queen of the show.

Avid followers of the show made comments that she survived till the end with the support from the Bigg Boss team and host Nagarjuna. 

But Rahul Sipligunj won the title as he received huge votes from the viewers.

Then what will she get from the show? Well, she is the highest-paid contestant. She will receive a remuneration of nearly Rs one crore for staying in the house for 100 days.

Each contestant will get a remuneration calculating the number of days they were present in the house. 

Along with Varun Sandesh, Sree Mukhi will get the cheque for the highest pay. Sree Mukhi will definitely get anywhere in the range of one crore rupees, say insiders.

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